SigmaSpend is a simple, free app for tracking spending. It is available for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store.



  • Multiple data storage options
  • No account/login required
  • Optional data synchronization between devices
  • Easy to back up your data and restore it
  • Organize your transactions by category, payee/payer, and account
  • View monthly and yearly totals, as well as moving sums
  • Handle accounts with partial ownership (e.g. split with a partner)
  • Keyboard-accessible interface for fast data entry

Data Storage

There are two data storage options available.

  • Local (on your own device)

    If you choose this option, you will not need any kind of login or account and your data will never leave your device.

  • Online via Microsoft OneDrive

    Choosing this option allows your data to be automatically synchronized between all of your Windows 10 devices.

Partial Ownership

If you categorize your transactions by account, you can set the percentage of the account that you own. The value of each transaction for this account will then be automatically multiplied by that ownership percentage. This is useful if you share a bank account with someone and only want to consider part of each transaction in that account as part of your own spending because you want to track spending separately from them.

For example, if you split some expenses 50/50 with a partner and pay those expenses out of a shared account, you can create an account and set the ownership to 50%. Then, if you enter a $100 transaction for that account, it will be automatically adjusted and only add $50 to your spending totals.

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